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How To Remove ABS Ring from Hub

Are you tired of driving your car with faulty ABS? One of the most common reasons for an ABS malfunction is a damaged old ABS ring located in the wheel hub. By researching and a few error attempts I was able to remove the ring successfully with some basic tools.

Begin by removing the 10mm bolt holding the ABS sensor. Then remove the top strut bolts or loosen the bottom bolt, and pivot out the hub without taking it off. Cut the ABS ring using a cutting disc or use a wire brush and penetrating oil to loosen it. Carefully pry the ring off the hub with a screwdriver. 

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to remove the ABS ring from the hub, giving you the confidence to take on this repair job yourself!

Main Components and Their Function in the Anti-Lock Braking System

  Component  Function
Wheel Speed SensorsCalculate each wheel’s rotational speed
Send wheel information to the ABS control module
ABS RingsHelp the wheel speed sensor to detect the speed and position of the wheel
ABS Control ModuleReceives input from the wheel speed sensors
Determines when to activate the ABS
Controls the overall operation of the ABS system
Pump MotorProvides the hydraulic pressure needed for the ABS to operate
Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)Controls the flow of brake fluid to each wheel during ABS operation
Reduces braking force to avoid wheel lock-up

What Does It Mean by ABS Ring?

The ABS sensor is connected to an ABS ring, which is mounted to a component rotating at the same speed as the wheel and is sometimes referred to as a tone or pulse wheel. The drive shaft, brake disc, or wheel hub is frequently the location of this. The ABS ring is also known as a tone ring or reluctor ring.

How ABS Ring Works?

The ABS ring has teeth on its circumference, which the wheel speed sensor uses to detect the speed of the wheel. By measuring the speed and position of each wheel, the ABS control module can determine if any wheel is about to lock up and activate the ABS to prevent it.

How I Removed ABS Ring from Hub?

ABS ring

This is a step-by-step guide on how I successfully removed the ABS ring.

Step 1: Remove Anti-lock Braking Sensor

I started by locating the ABS sensor and removing the 10mm bolt that held it in place. I gave the sensor a little wiggle to help it on its way out, being careful as the wire was thin and fragile.

Tip: You need to know that the location of the ABS sensor can vary depending on the car model. However, it is typically located somewhere around the hub.

Step 2: Turn the Hub

Next, I removed the top strut bolts and loosened the bottom bolt, and I pivoted out the hub without taking it off.

 Step 3: Cut the Old Ring

Dremel tool, cutting nail

To remove the ABS ring from the hub, I used a Dremel cutting disc to cut far enough down into the ring so that I could cut just the ring without touching the drive shaft. I didn’t want to damage anything other than the ring, so I was careful when cutting.

Step 4: Remove the ABS Ring

I cut two slots about one inch apart and worked my way down. Once I was happy with the cuts, I used a screwdriver to pry the ring off the hub.

Tip: If the ABS ring is severely corroded, you may not even need to cut it off. In some cases, it may fall off when you remove it from the car. However, if it is still in place, use a wire brush and penetrating oil to loosen it up.

Step 5: Remove Hub from the Drive Shaft

To remove the hub from the drive shaft, I removed the bottom bolt from the strut and carefully supported the hub. I made sure to keep the brake caliper attached to the hub to prevent stressing the brake lines. Once I had removed the hub from the drive shaft, I was able to replace the ABS ring.

This video shows this task practically.

In summary, removing an ABS ring from the hub was a straightforward process for me because I had the right tools and followed the proper steps. I was always careful not to damage any parts and took my time. With these tips, you should be able to remove an ABS ring from the hub with ease.


How is ABS activated?

ABS brakes activate through sensors that detect wheel lockup, a control module that receives and processes this information, and a hydraulic system that rapidly pulses the brake pressure to the affected wheel. This prevents the wheel from fully locking up, helps maintain steering control, and increases safety.

What is the material used to make the ABS sensor ring?

The ABS sensor ring is typically made of ferrous metal such as steel or iron, or a magnetic material like magnetized plastic or rubber. The exact material used can vary depending on the specific application and requirements.

In general, a material that can maintain its shape and magnetic properties under extreme conditions such as high heat and stress is preferred.

Will ABS work if I permanently remove the ABS ring?

If the ring it detects is absent, the ABS sensor won’t be able to determine how quickly that wheel is turning. It won’t even be notified that the wheel is turning. Therefore, the ABS won’t function in that situation.

How does the ABS ring break?

The tone ring might break or even pull off as a result of corrosion between the ring and the axel. You can notify that easily because when the ring breaks, the ABS light comes on indicating that ABS is not working properly. Then you should replace the ring.


Removing the ABS ring from the hub is a somewhat complex task. But with patience and proper knowledge, you can do it by yourself. I hope sharing my experience helps you with the task.

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