How To Clear Check Engine Light on Harley Davidson

How To Clear Check Engine Light on Harley Davidson

For every motorcycle lover, owning a Harley Davidson is the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. However, like any machine, our Harley Davidson motorcycles are not immune to occasional technical issues. When the check engine light appears on the dashboard, the question that came to mind was, “Why is this?” and “How to clear check engine light on Harley Davidson?

To clear the check engine light on Harley Davidson, turn the ignition key to the off position, hold down the trip button, turn on the bike, press the trip button to check for error codes, and hold the button until “Clear” appears to reset the code.

After doing thorough research, I was able to find the reasons for the check engine light on Harley Davidson and clear it.

In this article, I will explain how I cleared check engine light on Harley Davidson as a step-by-step guide.

Why Does the Check Engine light come on Harley Davidson?

Check engine light Harley Davidson

Before clearing, it is important to understand the reasons for the check engine light on the Davidson.

Loose or Faulty Gas CapA loose or faulty gas cap causes fuel vapor emissions
Faulty Ignition SystemMalfunctioning spark plugs Ignition coils Wiring issues
Malfunctioning Oxygen SensorsDisrupt the fuel-air mixture Affect fuel economy and emissions
Issues with the Fuel SystemClogged filters Faulty pumps Fuel line problems
Problems with the Air Intake SystemClogged filters Vacuum leaks Sensor malfunctions
Electrical IssuesFaulty connections Corroded terminals Disrupted electrical signals
Emissions Control System ProblemsMalfunctioning catalytic converter Problematic sensors
Engine MisfiresFaulty ignition components Fuel delivery issues Vacuum leaks
Other Engine and Component MalfunctionsValves Gaskets Timing chain problems

Let’s dive deep into the above causes.

Loose or Faulty Gas Cap

A seemingly innocuous yet surprisingly common issue that can trigger the check engine light on your Harley Davidson is a loose or faulty gas cap. A loose cap allows fuel vapor emissions to escape, posing harm to the environment. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure a snug and secure fit of your gas cap after every refueling session.

Faulty Ignition System

Enter the realm of faulty ignition components: misbehaving spark plugs, worn-out ignition coils, or treacherous wiring. These things disturb the combustion process of your motorcycle.

Malfunctioning Oxygen (O2) Sensors

When an O2 sensor falters, it disturbs the balance between the fuel and air mixture. This, in turn, has a bad effect on your motorcycle’s fuel economy and emissions. So, Harley’s ECU turns on the check engine light.

Issues with the Fuel System

The fuel system, like a lifeline pumping vitality into your motorcycle’s veins, can encounter hurdles along the way. Clogged fuel filters, failing fuel pumps, or even a snag in the fuel lines impact fuel transmission badly. This causes problems with combustion and the dreaded check engine light.

Problems with the Air Intake System

Clogged air filters, elusive vacuum leaks, or mischievous sensor malfunctions can disrupt the equilibrium of the air-to-fuel ratio. So, the central computer of your Harley Davidson turns on the check engine light to signal you.

Electrical Issues

Wiring of Harley Davidson bike

Electric problems can also trigger the check engine light on your Harley Davidson. Faulty connections, corroded terminals, or disrupted electrical signals can send distress signals to your motorcycle’s diagnostic system. As a result of this error, the check engine light illuminates.

Emissions Control System Problems

The modern environmental consciousness demands stringent control over emissions. If any component of the emissions control system falters, such as a malfunctioning catalytic converter or problematic sensor, the check engine light will illuminate the need for attention.

Engine Misfires

Misfires can stem from various causes, such as faulty ignition components, fuel delivery issues, or even vacuum leaks. The check engine light serves as a vigilant guardian of your Harley Davidson, urging you to address these misfires promptly.

Faulty or Failing Sensors

When a sensor misbehaves or fails to communicate accurate information, it can send misleading signals to the check engine light. Then the central computer thinks there is a problem with the engine and, check engine light triggers.

Other Component Malfunctions

Whether it’s a problematic valve, a compromised gasket, or a worn-out timing chain, various engine and component malfunctions can trigger the ever-watchful check engine light.

How To Clear Check Engine Light on Harley Davidson

So, how to clear check engine light on Harley Davidson? This is how I cleared it successfully.

First, I turned the ignition key to the off position.

Then I held down the trip button.

While holding the trip button, I turned the bike on. So, the bike entered diagnostic mode.

I pressed the trip button once to check for any error codes (ECM, BCM, speedo, ABS, etc.).

An error code displayed, and I pressed and held the trip button until it prompted me to clear the code.

I continued holding the button until it displayed “Clear” to confirm that the code had been reset.

Note: Remember, it’s important to understand the nature of the error code before deciding to clear it. If the issue persists or you are uncertain about the problem, it’s advisable to consult a qualified Harley Davidson technician or refer to the motorcycle’s manual for further guidance.


How long do Harley Davidson engines last?

A Harley will last for many, many years if you take care of it. Keep it in a garage, and the owner won’t likely outlive it. In all seriousness, Harleys have been known to easily travel 200,000 miles, if not more, without experiencing any problems.

Why do Harleys shake so much?

The two connecting rods and one crankpin configuration cause such shaking as a side effect. Instead of attempting to counterbalance the engine to smooth things out due to its design, Harley leans towards it.

Can a Harley check engine light turn off by itself?

The check engine light will automatically turn off if the issue that brought it on is fixed. If not, it will remain on. Though you can turn it off manually, it will come on again if the issue persists.

Are Harleys difficult to ride?

Even the biggest, heaviest model of a Harley won’t be much tougher to control if you’re fit and muscular enough and have ridden an Enfield sufficiently. The Street 750 model is also simple for beginners to handle.


The check engine light on a Harley Davidson can be triggered by various issues. I hope now you know exactly how to clear check engine light on Harley Davidson. Have a nice day!

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