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How to Bypass Chevy ABS Module

Dealing with a faulty ABS module in your Chevy can be frustrating and costly. However, there may be times when you just need to bypass the ABS module to get your car running again.

There are three ways to bypass ABS module.

  1. Removing the ABS fuse
  2. Physically remove ABS sensors
  3. Remove the whole ABS (Generally, this is not practical)

In this article, we let you know the ways to bypass the Chevy ABS module and give you a step-by-step guide to doing it easily with a little effort. Also, this applies to most vehicles.

The Symptoms of a Faulty Chevrolet ABS

Dashboard ABS light,
Heat indicator

There are common symptoms that arise when there is a problem with the anti-lock braking system.

  • Dashboard ABS warning light is always on
  • Brakes lock up in hard brakes just like braking without ABS
  • The brake pedal is not sensitive and has to be pushed up to the floor

Can the ABS Module be Repaired?

Yes. It can be. ABS issues such as sudden ABS power loss, missing signals from the wheel speed sensor, and faulty wheel sensor codes can be repaired by the appropriate repair authority. Because the issues are complex and different from one another, you should consult a car mechanic’s authority.

Because you may have to spend a lot of money on these repairs, we can bypass the ABS at a very low cost, and it can also be done by yourself.

Pros and Cons of Bypassing the ABS Module on Chevy

Advantage: Because ABS contributes to a large portion of your car’s maintenance cost, you will save some money by disabling it.

Disadvantage: The main disadvantage is the increased stopping distance.

There is a myth in society that experienced drivers can stop the vehicle in less time without ABS than with ABS on dry roads. No, that is wrong.

Watch this video to understand it practically.

Let’s discuss the methods for disabling the ABS module

How to Bypass the ABS Module on Chevy

 There are three ways to bypass ABS.

  1. Removing the ABS fuse
  2. Physically remove ABS sensors
  3. Remove the whole ABS (Generally, this is not practical)

1.    Removing the ABS fuse

Vehicle fuse board

Tools needed

  • Fuse puller
  • Socket wrench

First, open the hood of your car and disconnect the battery cables using the wrench.

Then locate the primary relay box in your car. The primary relay box in a Chevy Silverado is typically found on the driver’s side of the instrument panel. Presumably, behind the cover, you’ll find it.

Once you have located the main relay box, carefully study the diagram that is printed on the cover. You can locate your ABS relay using this diagram. Utilizing a fuse puller, locate the ABS relay and remove the ABS fuse.

You can get a better idea of this task after watching this short video.

Now you have successfully disabled the ABS in your car.

2.    Removing ABS wheel sensors

 To remove an ABS wheel sensor, you will need:

  • A jack and a jack stand
  • A socket wrench set
  • Pliers or a screwdriver 

Here are the steps to remove an ABS wheel sensor: 

First, use a jack to raise the vehicle and secure it with jack stands.

Remove the wheel that is closest to the ABS wheel sensor you need to remove.

Locate the ABS wheel sensor on the wheel hub or steering knuckle. The sensor will be connected to the wheel hub or steering knuckle with a bolt.

Use a socket wrench set to remove the bolt that holds the ABS wheel sensor in place. The bolt may be located on the back of the wheel hub or steering knuckle.

Once the bolt is removed, gently pull the ABS wheel sensor out of its mounting location. If the sensor is stuck, you may need to use pliers or a screwdriver to carefully pry it out.

 Repeat this process and remove the ABS sensors on all wheels, one by one.

 Now your ABS module doesn’t receive any signals and stops responding.

  • Removing the whole ABS is a complex task, and you may professional help for it.


Will brakes still work without ABS?

Bypassing ABS has no impact on normal braking. Without ABS, if you apply heavy braking, your front wheels will lock and your car will skid forward regardless of which way the wheels are pointed unless you let up on the brakes and allow the front wheels to spin once more. ABS accomplishes the same goal, but without your involvement.

How do I reset the ABS warning light?

First, disconnect the positive terminal of the car battery by removing the cable. Then, to drain the vehicle’s electrical system, you want to push and hold the brake pedal. This will reset the central computer of the vehicle. Then plug the cable and check for the ABS light.

Do faulty ABS sensors drain the battery in my car?

The ABS pump will run continuously if the ABS have failed. The car battery will drain and sometimes die. Installing a better ABS relay ought to fix the issue. A consultation with a certified and insured mechanic who specializes in ABS brake solutions is the best way to determine with certainty what the fix is for your ABS module issue.

How long do ABS modules last?

Modern ABS can last nearly 160,000 kilometers and this depends on driving conditions and maintenance.


In conclusion, bypassing the ABS module on a Chevy can be done in several ways, including removing the ABS fuse or physically removing the ABS sensors. However, it is important to note that disabling the ABS may have some drawbacks, such as increasing stopping distance on wet roads.

It is also important to address any underlying issues with the ABS through proper repairs or maintenance to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, for those who choose to bypass the ABS module, we have provided a step-by-step guide to do so, which can potentially reduce maintenance costs and offer some benefits for experienced drivers.

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