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Does The Iron 883 Have ABS?

As an avid rider and Harley-Davidson enthusiast, I’ve always been drawn to the Iron 883 for its sleek design and impressive performance. But when it comes to safety, there’s one question that always comes to mind – does the Iron 883 have Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)?

Yes, the Iron 883 does has dual channel ABS. Dual channel ABS makes sure that, even while braking very forcefully, neither the motorcycle’s front nor back wheels will lock up. This crucial feature provides riders with improved braking control and stability, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize safety while still seeking a powerful and stylish motorcycle.

So, if you’re considering buying an Iron 883 or are simply curious about its braking system, read on to find out everything you need to know.

How Does ABS Work on a Motorcycle?

Disk brake, ABS front wheel

In an emergency, ABS in motorcycles can help the rider slow down or stop the vehicle. The motorcycle’s wheels have speed sensors that track rotational speed to prevent wheel locking while braking.

The ABS hydraulic unit temporarily reduces the rider’s applied brake pressure to prevent the wheels from locking up as a result of harsh braking or slick road conditions. This allows the wheels to continue to revolve. This makes it easier for the rider to steer the motorcycle and safely slow down.

Types of ABS in Motorcycles

Anti-lock braking systems in motorcycles can be categorized into two groups.

  1. Single channel ABS
  2. Dual channel ABS

Let’s check their features.

Single channel ABS

Single-channel ABS works by detecting wheel lock on only one wheel and releasing the brake pressure on that wheel to prevent it from skidding. This type of ABS is generally used in motorcycles with a single disc brake on the front wheel or in budget cars that have ABS only on the front wheels.


  1. Only prevents the front wheel from locking up, leaving the rear wheel susceptible to locking up.
  2. May not provide a significant improvement in the overall braking performance of the motorcycle.

Note: Experts recommend using the front brake during harsh braking conditions, but riders tend to hit both brakes, which can result in skidding.

Dual Channel ABS

Iron 883

Harley Davidson Iron 883 has dual channel ABS. Dual channel ABS works by detecting wheel lock on both wheels independently and releasing brake pressure on each wheel separately to prevent skidding. This type of ABS is commonly used in high-end motorcycles and cars and provides better control and stability during braking, especially in emergencies.


  1. Provides better overall braking performance as it is fitted on both wheels of the motorcycle.
  2. Ensures an equal amount of pressure is applied to both brakes, preventing wheel lock-ups on both the front and rear wheels.
  3. Provides greater confidence to the rider while braking, even at high speeds and on wet roads, without worrying about the wheels locking up.

Single channel or dual channel ABS: Which is better?

  Single Channel ABS Dual Channel ABS
Only prevents the front wheel from locking upProvides better overall braking performance  
This leaves the rear wheel prone to locking upEnsures equal pressure is applied to both brakes  
May not significantly improve overall braking performanceProvides greater confidence to the rider  
Experts recommend using the front brake during harsh braking conditions, but riders tend to hit both brakes which can result in skiddingInspires confidence to brake later and harder, without worrying about wheel lock-up  
  Lower cost than dual-channel ABS  Higher cost when compared to single-channel ABS

Dual-channel ABS provides better overall braking performance and inspires greater confidence in the rider, while single channel ABS may not provide a significant improvement in braking performance and may leave the rear wheel prone to locking up. However, the cost of dual channel ABS is higher than that of single channel ABS.

How Do I Know If My Iron 883 Has ABS?

If you’re unsure whether your Harley has ABS, a quick and easy way to check is to look at the left-hand brake line. If there’s an additional wire zip-tied to the brake line, this is an indicator that you probably have ABS. 

Another way to be 100% certain is to remove the right-side cover and look for the ABS valve block. If it’s present, then you have ABS. If you’re still unsure, reach out to a Harley dealership or mechanic who can help you confirm whether your bike has ABS or not


Is dual channel ABS necessary in a motorcycle? 

When we steer through it, front-wheel locking is typically thought to be more dangerous than rear-wheel locking. So, the bare least you need is a single channel. Yet dual-channel ABS is usually advised if a motorcycle also has powerful rear brakes.

So, let’s consider a situation where a bike is being ridden at about 100 KMPH when all of a sudden, a sinkhole greets you hello and the brakes are quickly applied firmly. If your bike has ABS (single channel) now, the front wheel won’t lock up, and you may steer it freely while also applying the brakes. Yet, the bike will slide in the rear where the brakes would lock up the rear wheel.

Now consider what would happen to you if it were raining, in which case you would prefer your back brakes to your front brakes.

What are the main advantages of ABS on a motorcycle?

  1. Reduce stopping distance
  2. Increase the stability of the motorcycle
  3. Reduce severe and fatal crashes
  4. Prevent tire skidding

Do I need special training to ride a motorcycle with ABS?

No, under normal circumstances, a motorcycle with ABS will function the same as one without ABS. As a result, riders do not need any special training.

Even so, some motorcycle experts do suggest training since they feel that riders benefit from knowing how their motorcycle with ABS will behave during an emergency stop. You now have a choice.

What separates ABS on motorcycles from ABS on cars?

On the same core ideas, both systems are built. The front and rear brakes are often controlled independently on motorcycles. To guarantee optimal braking, the brake controls work to balance the braking force given to the front and rear wheels. But cars have one brake pedal for all four wheels.

An automobile that has a wheel lockup may experience skidding. A motorcycle’s wheel locking up can frequently lead to a loss of balance and the motorcycle falling.


I can confidently say that the Iron 883 is a motorcycle that truly delivers on both performance and safety. As it has powerful dual channel ABS, riders can feel secure and in control, even when braking in challenging conditions.

If you’re in the market for a motorcycle that combines power, style, and advanced safety features, then the Iron 883 is worth considering.

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