Can am x3 check engine light

Can-Am X3 Check Engine Light

Are you an off-road enthusiast who loves the thrill of driving your Can-Am Maverick X3, only to be interrupted by that pesky check engine light? Fret not!

To reset the check engine light on the Can-Am Maverick X3, turn off the engine and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 5-10 minutes. After ensuring the cable is in good condition, reconnect it tightly and start the engine.

I was able to reset the check engine light after doing some research. In this article, I will explain how I reset the Can-Am X3 check engine light and some important details about the X3.

Why Does the Can-Am X3 Check Engine Light Come On?

Can Am x3 dashboard, check engine light, speedometer, RPM meter

The Can-Am X3 check engine light can be triggered by various factors, and it’s important to understand them to address the issue effectively.

Simple Issues

Simple issues like a loose hose clamp or improperly tightened battery terminals can activate the check engine light. These may occur due to factory or dealer errors during battery installation or if you’ve recently replaced the battery yourself.


Certain modifications, such as incorrectly installed dual battery kits, air intake kits, or aftermarket stereo kits, can also contribute to electrical problems and trigger the check engine light.

However, it’s crucial to note that the check engine light can sometimes indicate more serious underlying problems, just like in regular cars and trucks. Identifying the cause of the CEL is crucial to ensuring the proper functioning of your Can-Am X3 and avoiding potential complications.

Pros And Cons of the Can-Am X3

1. Powerful and high-Performance engine1. High Price Tag
2. Excellent suspension system2. Limited storage space
3. Aggressive and Sporty Design3. Higher Maintenance Costs
4. Impressive off-road capability4. Noisy engine
5. Comfortable Seating and Ergonomics5. Limited Seating Capacity
6. Good Wheelbase and Handling6. Harsher Ride on Rough Terrain
  7. Personalization Galore7. Higher Fuel Consumption
8. Dependability Embodied8. Limited Visibility
9. Thriving Community and Support9. Potential Heat Build-up in the Cabin

Advantages of the Can-Am Maverick X3

Here are the positives in detail:

Unleashing Power

Its robust engine propels you forward with unparalleled acceleration and lets you revel in hair-raising top speeds, transforming your off-road escapades into exhilarating adventures.

Supreme Suspension System

The X3 effortlessly conquers diverse terrains, smoothly gliding over bumps and seamlessly absorbing shocks. Feel the seamless harmony between vehicle and ground as this top-notch suspension setup showcases its prowess with every turn.

Commanding Presence

X3’s a head-turner with its sleek and aerodynamic body, boasting sharp lines and captivating details that assert dominance and reflect your audacious spirit.

Impressive Off-Road Capability

The compact stature and nimble handling of the vehicle elevate your off-road prowess.

Luxurious Comfort

Bask in the generous legroom, sink into the supportive seats, and effortlessly operate intuitive controls, creating an ambiance of pleasure and delight throughout your journey.

Unyielding Off-Road Capability

The Can-Am X3 boasts remarkable ground clearance, robust suspension components, and outstanding traction, enabling it to conquer challenging trails and obstacles with ease.

Its capabilities allow you to navigate through rough terrain effortlessly, ensuring that no obstacle can impede your progress.

Can Am x3 riding on terrains by a girl

Personalization Galore

Tailor the X3 to suit your desires and requirements with Can-Am’s diverse range of customization options and accessories.

Dependability Embodied

Count on the Can-Am X3 to withstand the harshest of off-road conditions with its unwavering build quality. This allows you to explore with peace of mind and trust in your machine.

Thriving Community and Support

Join a vibrant community of passionate Can-Am X3 owners and enthusiasts who provide unwavering support and a wealth of knowledge.

Drawbacks of the Can-Am X3

While the Can-Am X3 has many advantages, it also has a few drawbacks to consider:

High Price Tag

The X3 is a premium off-road vehicle, and its price reflects that. It tends to be more expensive than some of its competitors, which may put it out of reach for budget-conscious buyers.

Limited Storage Space

Its compact design means that it has limited storage capacity. If you plan on carrying a lot of gear or supplies during your off-road adventures, you may find the available storage space insufficient.

Higher Maintenance Costs

This vehicle requires more frequent maintenance and potentially higher repair costs compared to lower-end models. Routine maintenance, such as oil changes and part replacements, is more expensive.

Noisy Engine

Some owners have reported that the X3’s engine can be quite noisy at higher speeds.

Limited Seating Capacity

The X3 typically seats two passengers. If you frequently travel with a larger group or need more seating capacity, you may find the X3’s limited seating arrangement inconvenient.

Harsher Ride on Rough Terrain

While the X3’s suspension system is designed to handle various terrains, it can still deliver a relatively harsh ride on extremely rough or uneven surfaces. This may result in a less comfortable experience for occupants, particularly during long off-road journeys.

Higher Fuel Consumption

Due to its powerful engine and performance-oriented design, the X3 tends to have higher fuel consumption compared to more fuel-efficient off-road vehicles. This can translate to more frequent fuel stops and increased operating costs.

Limited Visibility

The X3’s sporty and aggressive design can sometimes impact visibility, especially when navigating tight trails or challenging obstacles. Due to the vehicle’s size and body shape, movement may be more difficult and call for extra caution.

Potential Heat Build-up in the Cabin

In some cases, owners have reported issues with heat buildup in the X3’s cabin, particularly during hot weather or demanding off-road conditions. This can make the interior uncomfortable and may require additional measures, such as aftermarket heat shields or ventilation solutions

How Did I Reset the Can-Am X3 Check Engine Light?

One day, as I was riding my X3, suddenly the check engine light came on. There was no problem with the vehicle, and I maintained my X3 perfectly. So, I panicked and did some research to find a solution.

I tried various methods to reset the Can-Am X3 check engine light. Finally, I was able to find a successful way. This is that.

First, I turned off the engine and ensured the vehicle was in park.

Then, I located the negative terminal of the battery, which was usually marked with a “-” symbol.

I used a wrench or socket to loosen the nut or bolt securing the negative terminal.

I carefully removed the negative cable from the battery terminal.

Next, I left the cable disconnected for about 5-10 minutes, allowing the vehicle’s computer to reset.

While the cable was disconnected, I inspected it for any signs of damage or corrosion. If necessary, I cleaned or replaced the cable.

After the waiting period, I reconnected the negative cable to the battery terminal.

Then, I ensured the cable was tightly secured and the connection was firm.

Finally, I started the engine and checked if the check engine light had been reset. It was no longer illuminated.

Note: If there is an underlying issue causing the check engine light to come on, it may reappear after resetting the light. If the check engine light persists or reoccurs, it’s recommended to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic or Can-Am dealer to diagnose and address any underlying problems.


How long can an engine light stay on?

The internal computer of the vehicle only resets after a predetermined interval during which it rechecks all of its sensors. After roughly 10 to 20 cycles, the reset may occur automatically. A cycle is a period in which you turn on the car and then off again.

How fast is a Can-Am X3 Turbo?

The X3 has the longest wheelbase in its class, making it the most stable at high speeds while still being nimble on narrower trails. In the open desert, the top speed is about 80 mph. Can-Am X3s have a large glove box, a low seating position, and adjustable fore-and-aft and height seats.

What are the stages of an engine light?

Typically, there are two stages to the light: steady (signaling a minor fault) and flashing (signaling a severe fault).

Is Kawasaki better than Can-Am?

In more open terrain, where you can take advantage of the Can-Am’s added power, suspension, speed, and size, it reigns supreme. On narrow trails with difficult terrain, the Kawasaki reigns supreme.


The check engine light acts as a warning symbol for an issue that the car’s computer has identified. In some rare cases, it came automatically without any specific problem. A fault signal sent by the sensor due to an electricity change may be the reason for that. I believe you understand the causes of the Can-Am X3 check engine light coming on and how to turn it off.

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